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Assessment Centres

Bespoke designed assessment days, providing a challenging & realistic opportunity for delegates to demonstrate the best of their knowledge, skills and behaviours, giving you the insight and reassurance you need to make the right people choices.

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Maximising your Development Investment

Flexible Location

Assessment centres can be run either at our purpose built development centre in Nottingham, or at a location of your choice.

Design, Facilitation and Follow up

We provide a full service if required, from the design & preparation of the delegate & assessor schedule and exercises, providing the facilitation and the assessors to challenge the candidates and a full feedback debrief as a follow up.

Expert Facilitators and Assessors

We will pick from our team of facilitators and assessors the best fit resource to ensure an on time schedule, challenging interviews and assessments and realistic scenarios so as to get the best out of your candidates.

How It Works

The Right People on the Bus, Sitting in the Right Seats

Getting your recruitment decisions right is one of the key ingredients for success in business today.

Ensuring that people actually have the competence and will to perform successfully in their job is an ideal scenario before any position is offered, either internally or externally. Often a simple interview, or using past track record internally is not sufficient to ensure robust recruitment decisions are made, an assessment day will allow candidates to really demonstrate what they can do, in many cases in a realistic simulated environment.

Target, Track, Review and Develop

The concept of demonstrating competence has been the foundation of most recruitment endeavours for many years.

An assessment centre can make the difference in helping to identify not just demonstrable competence, but real strength in key areas, and by the same token, key areas of weakness such that robust decisions can be made using a much more holistic picture. Recruiting a greater proportion of people into your organisation who really love what they do and where the requirements of the job role are aligned with the natural strengths of the individual, is one of the few real examples of a genuine competitive edge in business.

Bespoke Designed Activities and Challenges

Over the years we have developed a whole range of exercises and challenges to enable assessors to see where candidates are strong, and where they are not.

We meticulously design and plan the day, that starts with the complex assessor/candidate schedule aligned with the venue logistics in which the day will take place. It includes the design of key exercises that will test and challenge candidates across the range of competencies and applications that they need to demonstrate, from the highly cerebral to the requirement to influence others, as well as a clear measurement strategy to ensure congruence of assessment.

World Class Facilitation and Assessment

Our lead facilitator/assessor will lead and manage the day, ensuring the experience runs smoothly for both candidates and assessors.

Depending on the options you choose, additional PDW assessors will provide the right kind of assessment to cover everything from in depth strength based interviews, to scenario based role plays to formally delivered presentations, and everything in between. Assessors will apply a level of ‘acceptable pressure’ allowing them to see how your candidates react when pressure is applied, which is often quite revealing when compared to a standard interview experience.

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