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Behavioural Workshops

Custom designed, 'real life' workshops that develop the behaviours & skills of your people, helping them to develop better and more sustainable habits across a range of internal and customer focussed disciplines.

Key Applications | How It Works

Key Workshop Applications

Our Most Popular Behavioural Solutions

Leadership & People Management

Maximise the performance and potential of your people & achieve ‘cultural shift’ by equipping your leaders & managers with powerful influencing skills & behaviours enabling them to lead, manage and influence effectively.

Client/Customer Account management

Manage, retain and develop customer relationships & revenues, and convert your clients/customers into advocates by improving the customer facing behaviours and skills of your customer facing account and sales teams.

New Business Development, Selling and Prospect Conversion

Increase the quantity & quality of converted new business leads, achieving greater levels of profitable new business by improving the marketing & selling skills and behaviours of your customer facing sales and account teams.

How it Works

Training that Really Works!

Maximising the Likelihood of Genuine Sustainable Behavioural Change

Delegates participating in a typical ‘2 day’ PDW experiential workshop will be introduced to a handful of ‘easy to digest’ key principles covering skills, technique and style. Each delegate will experience several discreetly filmed individual scenario based practise, feedback and coaching sessions during the event, with several opportunities to view film footage of their scenarios as well as observe, discuss with and provide feedback to colleagues.

Realistic Scenarios, Real Delegate Ownership

Enables Risk Free Simulated Practise for Delegates to Learn Through Doing in Relevant Situations

Delegates are encouraged to take ‘real ownership’ of their learning and preparation for an experiential workshop begins several weeks prior to participating. We agree the key scenarios with you the client and then ask delegates to prioritise these and add their own insights. Delegates are also asked to prepare and share personal scenarios which are relevant to them so as to practise and improve their confidence and competence in a risk free environment. Delegate group sizes are between four and a maximum of eight so as to maintain the high level of personal attention that is required.

Inspiring Lead Facilitation

An Engaging Lead Facilitator that Knows Your Market and Your Challenges and Uses No Slides or Notes

The PDW lead facilitator is a highly skilled and intuitive consultant & coach, handpicked to best ‘fit’ with each client. Their role is essentially the ‘pilot’, to manage and direct the event effectively, to provide the key principles and inputs for delegates to work with, and make the appropriate changes ‘in the moment’ based on how delegates are progressing. We use no slides and no pre-prescribed delegate notes so the lead facilitator has to be highly knowledgeable in both the specific application and the client’s marketplace.

Highly Skilled Support Consultants/Coaches

Our support consultants/coaches are one of the secret ingredients in our approach to experiential learning

With up to four support consultants per workshop event on a 2:1 ratio with delegates, their role is essentially twofold. They accurately simulate scenarios and characters via delegate instruction allowing the delegate to get realistic practise as to how best to tackle any given situation to get the best outcome. Secondly, they provide 1:1 coaching and feedback to each delegate, building their confidence and competence with each scenario throughout the event.

The Very Best Technology Every Step of the Way

Use of HD Filming & Digital Recording, Apple iPads to document learning experiences on the day, and ‘My Learning Journey’ web based LMS to support the whole process before, during and after

Significant investment at our state of the art Nottingham development centre means that we offer a purpose designed soundproofed office layout, with discreet HD dome cameras, studio quality sound and digital recording/playback. We can record up to five meeting events at once, and film clips are used throughout the learning event as a powerful feedback medium for delegates, and really the only way the delegates can experience themselves from the way others see them. Delegates document their learnings as they go using Apple iPads directly into ‘My Learning Journey’, our own in house learning management system to complete the experience.

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