Accept what you can’t change, change what you can’t accept

Written by Jo Mousley
August 23, 2016

As another birthday comes to a close, I reflect on the year gone by and the wonderful opportunities I have had to help people change their lives for the better. It’s over a year now since I got off the hamster wheel after 23 years in the same organisation and took a leap of faith to a role that feels like I am doing a hobby and getting paid for it. It’s not very often people find their ideal job and it isn’t always an easy process to get there, however I find asking yourself three important questions helps….

1. What are you truly passionate about?
2. What are you really good at?
3. What are your needs?

Passions change throughout your life, what once might have motivated you such as ambition and progression, might not motivate you now. Focusing on your strengths, instead of forever trying to bridge your development gaps, can make you feel more valued and comfortable in your own skin. When we talk about needs, it’s not just the financial aspects, but other factors that may make the job more enjoyable, such as work-life balance, time to get to work, a team that involve you, make you feel valued.

By answering all of the questions above, you may get one step closer to a richer life, your job just being part of it.

Once you know what the answers are, you can then plan to work towards your goal. In the Olympic winning strategies book, ‘Will it make the boat go faster’, Ben Hunt-Davis talks about goals being a destination and whatever we are doing with our lives right now, our actions are taking us somewhere… is that somewhere the place you want to be?

Do you think about having a bucket list or a plan to achieve things to make your life fuller? Both amount to one thing, making some changes. Having some crazy goals and then planning the steps to get there. If there is no plan, these are goals are just unrealised dreams or regrets as you pass on to another place.

‘Don’t focus on the result, focus on the process that will get you the result’, Ben Hunt-Davies.

I look back now and realise, my life has been full of crazy goals, many of which have now been realised. My goal in life now, is to help pass those secrets to happier life on, in the way that I was supported by many people on my journey.

If you need help finding your path, making some choices to change, focusing on your process to realise your dreams, then we are here to help. Take a chance, make a change today for the better.

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