PDW Training Really Does Work

Written by James Scott
September 27, 2016

One of the first things I read when I started working at PDW Group back in October 2014 was the blog titled, “Why So Much Training Doesn't Work”, which I thought was a bit of a strange title for a blog from a company that, well, does training. But after reading it and working here at PDW I can see that what PDW do, is not just your average training, it is more than that, it is a life changing experience.

Now I’m not one for a soppy story, even though I may have gotten teary over some films, I will tell you my story of how I became part of the PDW Group family and the invaluable skills I have picked up by just working here.

I first began my adventure when I spoke to my friend Liam back in 2014 about any jobs going at PDW. I was kindly invited in to have a meeting with Liam and Jim to see if I would fit in with the team and use my skills to help PDW. We sat down and had a chat and saw there was an opportunity for me to work with PDW in the WAFS team. I would start to help with the marketing, which I would later become the marketing manager, and become a core part of the WAFS team helping out with; Client Feedback, Employee Engagement, Appraisal System and the other services PDW offer.

Throughout my 2 years at PDW my role has evolved and adapted to the needs of the company, keeping me occupied and allowing me to get experience in various aspects of the company. But one thing that hasn’t changed whilst I have been here, is the great things that PDW do for their clients and employees.

I have been sat in the office listening to phone calls, sitting in on meetings and even sitting in on some of the training, and as the kids would say, OMG, it’s fantastic, I mean I haven’t seen anything like it before and it REALLY DOES WORK. I have seen those ‘light bulb’ moments from delegates and even had a few for myself.

Every single day I come into the office I pick up on some extra skills, from simple things such as how I come across to other people, what I need to change about my behaviour to influence others, all the way through to asking great questions.

I will go away from PDW Group with many things, friends, memories, but most importantly the skills that I have picked up along my journey. Because I know how great PDW are, throughout my life when I hear people wanting ‘training’ or struggling with various aspects of work, I will point them in the way of PDW Group, and if they don’t contact them, I will draw them a map, call a taxi, shove them in it and send them there myself.

Because without a doubt, PDW Group inspires and changes lives. As it has changed mine.
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