Business Coaching

We provide highly effective business & executive coaching to a whole host of people and roles across the business world.

So you may be a senior leader who needs a sounding board or support for critical organisational decisions.  Or maybe an employee who wants to solve a problem or take more control of your career progression.

Either way, well executed business coaching can be life changing to any individual, regardless of role.

Coaching formats vary and can be an intense 1:1 arrangement for just one key person where there is a medium term relationship.

Equally it can cater for multiple people, ‘clinic style’.  Here we have a coach on site all day, and either by prior arrangement or just drop in, coachees have a slot with the coach to discuss their situation and agree an action plan.

Elan running an executive coaching session

Coaching Options

Coaching by definition is completely flexible.  Therefore we agree the type, timing, intensity, and duration in line with the coachee’s need.

For executive coaching we pair the right coach with your coachee(s) to maximise their time and their return on investment.  For coaching clinics, we tend to pair the coach with your company profile given the wide variety of people the coach is likely to meet.

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