Presentation Skills Training

We provide presentation skills training for both new and experienced presenters.  We help and challenge them to form powerful influencing behaviours and presentation technique.

resentation skills training.  Your delegates may be required to present to large internal or industry audiences at formal events, smaller more intimate internal audiences or as part of a business pitch team to win customer business.

Regardless of their ‘real life’ presentation needs, a PDW presentation skills workshop, either at foundation or advanced level, can really transform the capability and confidence of your delegates.

Tim running a presentation skills training session


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What We Transform in Our Delegates

Key focus areas for learning are completely bespoke.  Below are examples of the key areas that a presentation skills workshop would focus on and seek to transform for all delegates.

  • Self-awareness of natural ‘defaults’ and drivers, and understanding how these may be helping or hindering personal performance.
  • Properly structuring a presentation
  • Preparation factors
  • Delivering your presentation
  • Voice coaching, developing your presence and delivering personal impact
  • Using props, equipment and your environment effectively

Your delegates may be looking to transform one, two or all of these areas.  So whatever the need of your organisation and each of your delegates, we have the right solution.

Jo running a presentation skills training session


Our Unique Approach to Presentation Skills Training

The main focus of our workshop solution is on practise, practise, practise, with effective use of feedback.  In short, people learning from doing, applying powerful principles and receiving high quality feedback.

This is highly interactive, with the provision of easily digestible and powerful principles.  It includes lots of practise and feedback time, but no slides and no large book of notes.

Furthermore, we use the very powerful medium of film to really enhance the experience for delegates who can finally see and hear themselves as others do.

Courses are typically in either one or two day sessions, and can be in isolation or as part of a broader development programme.

Ready to Begin with Presentation Skills Training?