Professional Selling Skills

Equip your professionals with the right mindset, behaviours & skills to improve their personal marketing and ability to convert prospects into new clients.

Professional services firms typically view business development and selling activities differently to most traditional product or service suppliers.

There is often a delicate line to tread for professionals such as lawyers, accountants, auditors, tax professionals and many more.

Most professionals these days are expected to be confident to develop their fee base through cross-selling to existing clients and identifying & converting new prospects.  Many though are not confident and continue to use a traditional skill base in this regard.

This expectation is balanced though with an ingrained ethic to ensure their work and advice is impartial and properly client-centric.

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What is the opportunity for professional selling in your business?

In our experience, most professionals are technically excellent, committed to their clients and see themselves as ‘solutions providers’.

That said, many shy away from anything that feels like selling or an upselling of fees.  They often struggle with properly tailoring their client proposition in a way that is compelling and stands out from the crowd.

Technical capability is rarely a competitive differentiator

In short, the opportunity for all professional services firms is to help fee earners to recognise how to truly differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Competitive differentiation comes mostly from the behaviours of the people actually communicating with the client or prospect.  What matters most is how they build the relationship and connect with the client/prospect.  Equally important, how they understand and empathise and then how they tailor their proposal to be compelling, convincing and authentic.