Learning Management System

Transform the effectiveness of your learning and your learning management process & tools.  Move to the PDW Learning Management System with e learning to save time and money on your learning activities.

We know it can be a challenge to deliver a robust, cost effective learning & development culture that’s easy to use and manage.

Many businesses appear to lack the insight into what their people need to improve their skills, knowledge and confidence.  They therefore struggle to provide meaningful and effective learning solutions with often significant & costly impacts.  These include underperformance, untapped potential and issues around people retention and recruitment.

Our Learning Management System may well be the answer. Easy to set up, cost effective and wonderfully intuitive to use, it can revolutionise the way your business manages and maximises all aspects of the learning and development in your business.

elearning dashboard


Mobile, paperless & centralised

Move to a new world with a system that is fully adaptable and can be used on all mobile devices with unlimited access anywhere in the world.

The PDW Learning Management System centralises all you organisational and people learning information in one place across all your locations. With everything accessible from one click, difficult to track excel forms and email trails become a thing on the past.


Motivate your learners and increase engagement with Gamification. Your learners can gain badges for completing courses and modules, you could even award prizes for “winning” a set number of badges. With the option of adding a leader Board you can really drive the passion for learning and self-development.

Learning management system dashboard


Blended learning

Courses can be made up from a multitude of media ranging from e-learning, face to face classes or e–books, the choice is yours. With the ability to create bespoke courses for individuals, teams or unique rolls, you can truly deliver what your business needs.

Simple & Accurate Reporting

Professionally presented and effective reporting at the touch of a button with a standard reporting suite showing (for instance) the progress of individual models across your entire business or an individual’s progress. There are also further options to add new reports tailored to your organisation.

LMS reporting



Gauge the impact of the learning by sending surveys to the employee. Collating the feedback will let you know instantly what has been effective or needs amending (or if something is fundamental wrong). This way you continually improve the standard of training and the skills of your employees.


Centrally customisable in terms of logos, colours and layout so as to fit with the spirit and branding of your organisation.

Controlled & Secure Access

Accessible by all via username and password, allowing each user to see only what they need to see.  Permissions and access levels are set centrally by nominated administrators

Other Learning Management System features
  • News & blog alerts to keep your team updated
  • Storage for other learning resources such as pdf’s and links to external providers
  • Multi lingual (we can translate to any language)
  • Social forums to really encourage learning with peer to peer engagement sharing problems and solutions