Improve your employee engagement and your company performance

High employee engagement is the key to your company’s performance and overall success, but it can be difficult to measure properly. Luckily there are ways of finding out how engaged employees really are and understanding where improvements need to happen so that you’re on top form for future challenges.

Our expertise and highly flexible employee engagement survey proposition enables us to design, manage and deliver a survey experience which gives you high response rates and high quality information, quickly, easily and cost effectively.

This means you and your organisation can make key decisions based on real facts and insights, and ultimately work to improve employee engagement levels and enjoy the many benefits of doing so.


Complete flexibility on your questionnaire, including guidance on what to ask, and how to ask it, and choose from a 10 point NPS or 5 point Likert measurement scale.

Cost-effective optional ’zoom style’ briefings to all users to ensure maximum buy-in to the process, to ensure we achieve high response rates and feedback quality.

Experience our fully managed service that maximises your outcomes and minimises the hassle for you and your users

Designed & built by us, not subcontracted, our survey platform is one of the best available.  Easy to use, fully secure surveys to unlimited group sizes, with up to ten demographic measures for you to cut your data by.

Additional languages available if required, and fully customisable welcome screens and overall user experience.

Web-based dashboard showing real-time responses, and innovative ‘ask for more’ comment facility where administrators can ask responders for more information anonymously.

In-depth final report with up to ten demographics, and options for executive summary and recommendations to improve engagement.

Custom surveys

Ask the questions that mean the most to your business.

Easy to use

Our systems are designed to be as intuitive as possible.

Secure & anonymous

Participants can respond honestly with confidence their identities and information will not be disclosed. 

Live web dashboard

Monitor the response rate in real time so you can remind your people to complete the survey. 

‘Ask for more’ facility

Need more detail on a comment? Ask for more information without breaking anonymity.

In-depth final report

We generate a comprehensive report with key themes, recommendations, and an executive summary. 

What can you expect from a PDW Group Employee Engagement survey?

The right questionnaire – Our experience and insight will ensure you are asking the right questions in your engagement survey.

The right measurement scale – We always recommend the net promoter score, but we are happy to use whatever scale of measurement you wish.

Internal company briefing – All providers attend a short briefing session to cover the what, why, how and when aspects of the survey.  This reassures providers as concerns anonymity, and maximises response rates & the quality of the feedback.

In depth reporting – Graphical, PDF and online reports display the key summary and detail results from the survey. Additional reports can be created to suit how data and comments are best presented.

Executive summary and presentation – Most organisations opt to have a full analysis of their feedback including key messages, with a formal presentation to the board that includes recommendations for action.

A simple and effective online platform – Our dedicated online platform is designed to securely capture feedback from all providers.  Our platform is different to many others. It has key features which make the information obtained more accurate and easier to complete.

Bespoke portal option – For larger surveys, clients often want to do full or pulse surveys regularly.  We can therefore bespoke an online portal to provide real time reports via a personal log in.

Focus Groups – This facility can really add value to employee engagement surveys. It offers groups of people an opportunity to participate in facilitated sessions that add greater detail and robustness to the insights gathered.

Employee Communication – Often the missing ingredient, preparation and facilitation of regular updates on decisions made and progress against implementation as a direct result of the survey.

Benchmarking – Our database of anonymised surveys and data allows us to contextualise your organisation’s engagement levels with others.

Many of our clients conduct an employee engagement survey on an annual basis.  Because of this, many have moved employee engagement to being a key focus within their organisation.  Yearly progress reports and bench-marking also allows them to see where there investments have paid back, and where needs further attention.



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