We provide refreshingly different and effective employee engagement surveys and solutions.

As our overall philosophy states, businesses that want to deliver market leading profitability should first look to their own people, not their customers.

Employee engagement has been proven to be absolutely critical to long term financial and business success. This is partly because of the direct impact higher engagement has on people productivity (reducing the cost of sales for the business).  It’s also because of the tendency of high people engagement to drive higher customer advocacy.

There are few businesses therefore that do not want to improve the engagement of their employees, but so many fail to do so.

At PDW Group, we deliver a well-designed, communicated and facilitated employee engagement survey that can provide this measurement and an initial line in the sand.

It can provide high quality information and insights into where your organisation is now against all sorts of aspects of performance that are critical to its effective functioning, and stop the making of important business and people decisions being made on assumption, conjecture and hearsay.

What can you expect from a PDW Group Employee Engagement survey initiative?

The right questionnaire

Our experience and insight will ensure you are asking the right questions in your engagement survey.

The right measurement scale

We always recommend the net promoter score, but we are happy to use whatever scale of measurement you wish.

Internal company briefing

All providers attend a short briefing session to cover the what, why, how and when aspects of the survey.  This reassures providers as concerns anonymity, and maximises response rates & the quality of the feedback.

In depth reporting

Graphical, PDF and online reports display the key summary and detail results from the survey. Additional reports can be created to suit how data and comments are best presented.

Executive summary and presentation

Most organisations opt to have a full analysis of their feedback including key messages, with a formal presentation to the board that includes recommendations for action.

A simple and effective on line platform

Our dedicated on line platform is designed to securely capture feedback from all providers.  Our platform is different to many others. It has numerous features which make the information obtained more accurate and easier to complete.


Bespoke portal option

For larger surveys, clients often want to do full or pulse surveys regularly.  We can therefore bespoke an online portal to provide real time reports via a personal log in.

Focus Groups

An addendum to many employee engagement surveys, offering groups of people an opportunity to participate in facilitated sessions to add more meat to the bones and work up solutions to feedback that’s been given as part of the survey.

Employee Communication

Often the missing ingredient, preparation and facilitation of regular updates on decisions made and progress against implementation as a direct result of the survey.


Our database of anonymized surveys and data allows us to contextualise your organisation’s engagement levels with others.

Many of our clients conduct an employee engagement survey on an annual basis.  As a consequence, many have moved their business to employee engagement focus being an integral part of their organisational focus.  Yearly progress reports and benchmarking also allows them to see where there investments have paid back, and where needs further attention.