Since 2004 PDW Group has been delivering proven solutions that transform the behaviours and performance of people, teams & organisations.

We are based in Nottingham at our ‘state of the art’ development centre.  From here, and across the UK & Europe, we help our clients towards sustainable behavioural change and cultural shift.

We work exclusively with commercial organisations, where achieving high levels of people engagement, customer advocacy and market leading profitability are key to ongoing success.

We are a truly unique organisation in the UK.  No one else does what we do, with the breadth, depth & quality with which we do it.

Here’s what Sky TV had to say about PDW

“I often hear myself say “Great opportunity to use your PDW skills” – or, in shorthand, just “PDW!” This has been the most effective training I have done in my career – and to call it training downplays it”

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Vicky Sandry, General Counsel

Who we help

People and HR Teams

Helping People and HR teams to pilot the HR plane and not be just a flight attendant to the business.

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Learning & Development Professionals

Helping L&D professionals with proven solutions that deliver competitive business advantage.

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Business Owners, CEOs and Managing Directors

Helping businesses to be the best to work for, and the best to do business with.

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Department/Team Heads

Helping department/team heads to build cohesive, efficient and effective teams.

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Our philosophy is simple…

Businesses that focus on improving how their business functions internally (internal service quality) increase their employee engagement much more effectively than those that don’t.

High people engagement is then self fulfilling, and has a significant positive impact on all aspects of the customer experience (external service quality) which in turn drives customer advocacy, one of the key differentiators of truly great businesses.

In short, this delivers market leading profitability.

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There are two core factors that drive both internal & external service quality.

People factors

The right people in the right roles,with the right attitude, behaviours & skills


Environmental factors

Efficient & effective systems, processes, tools & ways of working.

We work with many of our clients in both these key areas to improve the overall service quality of their business, and when developed together, these can have a hugely powerful impact, which we call the 1+1=3 effect.