Noble Events | What’s It Really Like To Work With PDW?

We know that reading about PDW isn’t the same as seeing the impact our training has on your team, or taking part in a session, yourself. To help you get a feel for what’s really involved, and better understand how our approach could benefit your business, we’re talking to Sarah Cox, an MD who’s already taken the positive step of working with PDW.

Talk Us Through Your Business And How It Operates

I’m the MD of Noble Events. We are a global events agency that enables brands to connect with their audiences through world-class event experiences, and we work mainly in the B2B sector. The businesses we partner with are involved in a diverse range of industries including fintech, luxury and the automotive sector.

The mainstay of our business is designing and managing employee and customer conferences, media launches, national and global training programmes and also blow-your-mind experiences for high-value customers.

How Did You Discover PDW? 

I met Jim and Christine from PDW via the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce in early 2020. Together with our Senior Leadership Team, we quickly explored how PDW could make our boat go faster. 

Why Were You Interested In Training and Development? 

Having streamlined the business during COVID due to a lack of physical events, we were preparing for a growth period as people returned to in-person events and experiences. We wanted to make sure we were remodelled around our clients’ evolving needs and telling that story in the best way.

What Did Training Cover?

For us, two of the most important points covered in the training with Christine were how to motivate and get the best out of people and how to have difficult conversations. 

Jim then worked with our leadership team on more strategic areas including building a business plan, developing our strategy and defining our purpose. He also covered important topics such as how to create and maintain a high performing team. 

What Made PDW Training Different? 

The training portfolio PDW developed for us was completely bespoke, using their existing tools and techniques and applying them to our business. Christine took the time to understand our goals and what made our company tick; so much so, that she really felt like part of our team and has been highly motivated to get the best out of each and every one of us. 

Thanks to this customised approach, at no point did it feel as though we were getting off-the-shelf training. Instead, it was designed for us and the unique challenges we face, and, as a result, we were able to connect better with the development programme and get more out of the sessions. 

One-To-One Training 

As well as working in groups, some members of our team had one-to-one coaching sessions with Jim. This training was challenging and rewarding, and encouraged those who took part to see the business in a different way. In particular, it helped them assess their level of involvement in the business and focus on achieving longer term goals. 

How Has PDW Training Changed Your Business? 

One of the biggest differences is that we now all have a common language. These common references give us a joint shorthand, and everyone knows exactly what phrases like ‘traction’ and ‘skill and will’ mean, so understand exactly what’s needed when we say them. 

How Did PDW Training Benefit You As A Leader? 

For me, as a leader, it was incredible to have someone come in from outside who had as much interest in the long term success of the business as I did. It’s been amazing to see the team demonstrate new processes and disciplines that allow them to be truly effective in their roles. 

Before working with PDW, we tended to spend a good deal of time talking about the agency’s problems without ever actually resolving them. Now we have a framework for decision making – a clear picture of where we want to be.

PDW Group’s training courses are tailored to align with the unique requirements of professionals, enabling them to unlock their full potential and excel. To discover more about PDW Group and the numerous advantages of our corporate training and leadership development courses, please reach out to our team today.

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