PDW Group Services Summary

Developing Behavioural Competence and Confidence

Highly effective ‘face to face’’ or remote experiential training solutions using our unique practice and feedback based approach to learning, in a world where most training doesn’t work.

Leadership Development

Game changing leadership training & development to ensure leaders enable their people whilst they’re present, & leave a lasting impact when they’re not

Management Training

Highly effective management training for people managers in any role so as to maximise team engagement and performance.

Sales & Business Development Training

Far from your average sales and new business development training, our programmes help sales people to have those lightbulb moments which help to make them so much more effective in any sales type role.

Customer Relationship Management Training

For all customer management roles from small customer groups to major multiples and international customer portfolios, focusing on all aspects of behaviour for customer managers and directors.

Negotiation Skills Training

Whether you’re working with suppliers, customers or winning new prospects, our highly effective negotiation skills programmes will deliver notable improvements in relationships and commercial returns

Presenting and Pitching

Read more about how our unique solution works here.

Developing Knowledge, Mindset & Thinking

A range of interactive single facilitator workshops tailored exactly how you’d like it across a range of key topics which compliment our range of experiential behavioural programmes.

Commercial and Business Awareness

Help your people to understand the key components of finance and business, to think more commercially and make better financial decisions. Relevant to any role requiring commercial and financial decision making.

Strategic Thinking & Business Planning

Help your key people to think and act more strategically so they work ‘on’ the business as well as ‘in’ the business. And help them to design, manage and review business plans effectively to keep your business on track.

Mental Toughness & Resilience

Personal Resilience, driving the right behaviours through the right mindset and attitude.

Project Management Training

Effective project management knowledge, skills and tools for any role that needs this essential skill set.

The Science of Customer Account Management

Focuses on all the technical, non behavioural aspects of managing customer accounts from securing quality customer background information, to effective contact strategies to business planning, ensuring your account managers are maximising all aspects of their customer and portfolio opportunities.

Assessment Solutions

Assessment Centres

Highly effective assessment centres, in person or remote for internal or external recruitment & development that properly and fairly assesses candidates in a challenging and realistic environment.

360 Degree Feedback

Obtain robust 360° feedback to dramatically enhance the self-awareness of your people and when combined with an in depth debrief, instigate & measure behavioural change.

Behavioural Profiling

Accurate and easy to use Behavioural Profiling initiatives when and however you need them.

Feedback Surveys & Insights

Employee Engagement Surveys

Measure the engagement of your employees easily & cost-effectively, and gain the insights you need to make key decisions about your people & your business.

Client/Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Measure the true satisfaction and advocacy of your customers and gain the insights you need to make key business decisions as well as maximising advocate relationships.

Other Services

Executive Coaching

Transform mindset, confidence & capability with quality 1”1 or small group coaching sessions & programmes either face-to-face or remote

Away Days and Strategy Days

Inspirational corporate away days to help develop real high performing teams, and facilitated business sessions to strategise, plan problem solve and much more.

Team Development

Game changing team development insights & activities to develop and maintain high performing teamwork.

Consultancy and Advisory

Diagnostics, insights, tools, advice and support designed to help your business grow & flourish, improving what it does, and how it does it.