Customer Management Training

We adopt a unique practice and feedback-based approach with the use of high-quality filming of simulated scenarios to drive self-awareness and develop new behaviours.

It’s our experience that customer advocacy is a critical factor in customer behaviour.  It affects how likely customers are to buy, to pay higher prices and to keep buying from any supplier.  Anyone in business who manages or deals with customers in whatever capacity should be ‘customer-centric’ in this regard.

Similarly, highly skilled customer handlers can balance ‘customer satisfaction’ delivery with a sustained financial performance.

There are many roles in business that are customer facing.  Senior roles may be ultimately accountable for the overall customer relationship, and with this may come the responsibility for revenues & profits.  Others may work with customers, and be responsible for task delivery.

So whatever roles you have in your business, ensuring you have the people with the capability, confidence and motivation to balance high customer advocacy with an impressive financial performance will be key to success.


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So how does our customer management training help the various customer situations?

We work with our delegates to transform their skills & behaviours to build and maintain better customer relationships.  This helps them to properly understand what their customers value, and to then over deliver on these promises.

Our customer management training helps customer-facing people to develop their confidence and influencing capability.  This means they can ‘hold their own’ in challenging customer situations, such as negotiating contractual terms or dealing with issues.  We can also help them to be better financial managers, strategic thinkers and be more efficient.

Our delegates are often territory managers, national accounts teams, sales professionals and customer service teams spanning many different industries.  We work with both new and highly experienced customer managers, challenging them to develop powerful customer facing behaviours & habits.

In short, we help our clients and delegates to grow their customer revenues and maximise commercial returns, whilst improving product/service delivery and creating customer advocates.


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