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Firstly we look at how well the aspirations and objectives of the business and its people have been defined and communicated. Put another way, this could be ‘what does great look like’?

Solutions here can come in many forms.  A full business plan, a people strategy, company values, a competency framework, job specifications, objectives & KPIs are all part of the picture.  In short, the more guidance people are given, the clearer people are about what is expected of them, and the more likely they are to achieve it.


Once it is clear ‘what great looks like’, the next step is to assess where the organisation, team or individuals are against this.

Assessment and measurement for individuals could be in the form of a formal people assessment centre (for recruitment or career progression to key roles) or 360 feedback from colleagues.

For the department or organisation, conducting a robust employee engagement survey or customer survey can be a critical factor in understanding how the organisation is viewed by its two most important groups, its people and its customers.

Finally, introducing robust organisational measurement via a KPI scorecard is another area where we help many of our clients.

The important outputs and points to understand with any of the above assessment mechanisms, is the gap between what great looks like (point A) and the current situation (point B).

People in a meeting


With clarity on what ‘great’ looks like and now where the business, teams and key individuals sit in relation to that standard, our development can now be targeted much more specifically to achieve the required improvements, essentially closing the gap between point A and point B.

Here we work with each client to prioritise the areas for improvement, and agree the what, the when and the how.  Examples are…

Here’s what Teleware had to say about PDW

“You understand us as a company and where we want to go. By having a close relationship with us and you are very easy to work with. “

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