We can support your business in thinking & acting strategically, and setting clear goals & standards.  We can ensure you have the plan, the measures and the resources in place to deliver the results you want.

There are many applications for our business consultancy & advisory skills.  We often work with business owners and CEOs to observe, analyse, diagnose, recommend and solve their challenges.

We can help you diagnose the gaps and blockages in your business. We can share the insights from our extensive experience with you of how we have been able to close gaps and fix similar issues in the past.  Then we can recommend actions for you to take, help you take them, and measure their impact.

Paul running a consultancy session


Our business consultancy & advisory work takes us into many areas, but some specific examples are:
  • Assisting a business in identifying and embedding its identity, terminology and core values
  • Implementing an organisation wide business planning process for the business to follow every financial year
  • Design and implementation of scorecards for performance measurement
  • Working with your HR or L&D team to design a robust people strategy
  • Identifying inefficiencies or ineffectiveness in core processes, tools or ways of working.  Proposing alternatives and designing and implementing these solutions into the business
  • Proposing and designing documents and tools such as people behavioural frameworks, career planners, KPI trackers and L&D guides to name a few