Coaching Solutions

Our online & in person coaching solutions provide highly effective support to individuals and teams.

Working with a business coach can help to transform the way you think and behave which has a massive impact on performance and wellbeing.

Whether you have a specific problem such as career progression and work/life balance, or you need help identifying why things aren’t going as well as they could, our coaches will work with you to create a realistic plan to fit your goals.

Because all of our coaches are also PDW Group facilitators, we have a variety of tools and techniques available to our coaching clients to help them be the greatest version of themselves.

Our team can help you, your employees, and your senior team with a variety of things including, but not limited to:

  • Mental wellbeing & resilience
  • Effective career progression
  • Tough decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Identifying blockers
  • Balancing work & personal life
  • Supporting other development activity
  • Succession & Legacy planning


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Coaching Options

Coaching with PDW Group is incredibly flexible, we agree the type, timing, intensity, and duration in line with your needs.

We will always seek to pair you with the right coach to enable a strong, ongoing relationship to maximise the return on investment.

Remote Coaching

Being able to fit a coaching session into a busy schedule can be difficult so we’ve made sure all of our coaches are able to provide online sessions without sacrificing the quality of a face-to-face conversation.

Executive Coaching

We understand the challenges that come with leading an organisation and that it can be difficult to talk through tough decisions with employees.

Our coaching team has experience working with high-level stakeholders, and some are Directors themselves, so can provide a safe sounding-board for ideas and concerns.

Coaching Clinics

If a number of people within your organisation would benefit from coaching, we can provide a dedicated coach to your organisation to provide either arranged or drop-in sessions.

This also allows us to build up a picture of any underlying issues within your organisation and propose a plan to combat them.

Individual Life Coaching

We also work with clients who self-refer to us and may need coaching for personal reasons. For example, returning to work after an extended absence, if you’re at a crossroad in your career, or if you’re struggling with self-confidence. Our coaches can help create a plan for whatever you’re looking to achieve.

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