We work with many SME businesses to transform their capability and capacity to think and act strategically, and to then form a robust business plan by implementing a tailor made strategic planning course for senior individuals.

Our delegates are usually boards of directors, leadership teams or department/sector heads who recognise that an improvement in the strategic thinking and/or shorter term business planning capability of the organisation is key.

Our strategic and business planning training courses focus on the key principles and provide practical tools that can be applied immediately, either as an individual or a group within an organisation.

What We Focus On

Content and approach can of course be customised.  Below is where a strategic thinking or business planning workshop would typically focus.

  • Definitions and context – Strategic thinking and business planning
  • The three core components of any great business plan
  • Performance measurement
  • Situational analysis and goal/target setting
  • Defining delivery strategies, tactics and actions
  • Communicating your plan and monitoring progress
  • Review mechanisms


How It Works

Strategic thinking or business planning courses can either run in isolation or as part of a broader programme that also transforms leadership behaviours.  This is to maximise the communication and implementation of any intended strategy or business plan.

Foundational strategic thinking and/or business planning courses can be typically held in one or two days.  These use typically one facilitator and are high energy and interactive.