Pretty much every ‘business to business’ supplier of products or services needs to manage its customer relationships.

And even in this technological age we live in, this still requires the supplier’s people to build and maintain effective relationships with the customer and ensure their products and services are supplied efficiently and effectively.

And it’s a proven fact that the more customers are ‘well managed’ by their suppliers, the more likely it is that the customer will be an advocate of the supplier, which has all manner of positive connotations.

So what do we mean by ‘good customer management’?

This relies heavily on the behaviours and skills of the supplier’s customer management team, and it is transforming these behaviours that PDW Group is most ‘famous’ for.

However, great behaviours from customer account directors, managers or execs is not the only area that is important.  

There is a long list of many other components which are generally more technical, or non behavioural in their nature that also contribute a huge amount to the success of the supplier’s performance with its business customers.

This is where The Science of Account Management comes into play.

At PDW Group we run 1 or 2 day workshop versions of ‘The Science of Customer Account Management’ either as a standalone solution, or more often as part of a programme.

These workshops are designed to equip anyone involved in managing the customer relationship or journey with the ‘know how’ and tools, which when put alongside the right behaviours have a truly transformational effect on relationships, revenues and ultimately gross profits.

Our clients and delegates are usually national, regional or key account directors, controllers, managers and/or executives in a variety of industries.  Examples are food and drink or non food consumer goods, construction industry, and a whole variety of service industries from accountancy to law to recruitment to name a few..

Whilst we can tailor our workshops to exactly the components you need and use your market and terminology to bring it to life, below are typically some of the key areas we work on with our clients.

  • Market and customer information, insights and understanding
  • Customer relationship mapping, contact strategy and multi point customer communication 
  • Identifying & qualifying customer opportunities
  • Forecasting and targeting by portfolio, territory and customer
  • Creating a customer business plan and agreement of strategy and tactics
  • Pricing and revenue management
  • Activity planning (eg marketing or promotional) and review
  • Measuring and maximising customer advocacy
  • Resource planning
  • Executing plans and reviewing performance
  • Buyer and procurement team insights and psychology
  • And much more!


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So contact us to find out how we can tailor our Science of Account Management solution to suit your business and help to develop the discipline and standards across your account teams you need to ensure you maximise your customer revenues at all times.