Commercial, Financial & Business Acumen Training

We work with a whole variety of people and roles that benefit from improving their commercial, financial & business acumen.

Our courses can either run in isolation, or as part of a broader programme.  Courses are typically held in one day, use a single facilitator and are high energy and interactive.

Our commercial, financial & business acumen training courses focus on the key principles of running and managing a business.  They help delegates to see the world through the eyes of a business owner.  We provide practical tools that can be applied immediately within the organisation, either as an individual or a group.

Commercial acumen session


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What We Focus On

Key focus areas are completely bespoke.  Below is an illustration of typical knowledge and skill areas that a workshop would focus on and seek to transform for all delegates.

  • Commercial thinking and its application in any business, any role
  • A useful profit model and how this relates to each delegate’s role
  • Financial terminology and calculations
  • Commercial forces and how these affect businesses
  • P&L management, cash flow and balance sheets
  • Interpreting financial and numerical data and understanding key messages
  • The principles of ROI