Businesses that want to deliver market leading profitability should be regularly consulting their customers and obtaining their critical insights via a customer feedback survey.

Customer feedback has been proven to be absolutely critical to long term financial and business performance. This is because of the fundamental principle that customer advocates will buy more from you.

Furthermore they are more likely to refer you, are generally less price sensitive, and are more likely to be forgiving of any mistakes that happen.

All together these components drive higher profitability.

So whether your customers are the general public, or other businesses, we have a customer feedback solution that can be customised to what you need.  We can help you to survey your customers as often as you need to, using our in house web based platforms and valuable insights gained from many years of experience of doing just that for many of our clients.


So what can you expect from a PDW Group customer survey initiative?

The right questionnaire

Our experience and insight will ensure you are asking the right questions in your survey.

The right question types

We always recommend the net promoter score, but we can change the question types and scoring depending on your needs.

Full survey management

Depending on the survey that you want to run, we can either manage the whole process for you or simply provide access to our online platforms.

Branding and customisation

Surveys and platforms can be branded to your needs, including logos, colour schemes and fonts.


In depth Reporting

Graphical, PDF and online reports display the key summary and detail results from the survey. Additional reports can be cut whichever way you want to see the data and the comments.

Executive summary and presentation

Most organisations opt to have a full analysis of the feedback including key messages, with a formal presentation to the board that includes recommendations for action.

A simple and effective on line platform

Provider feedback is collected via our secure and easy to use online platform.  Our platform is different to many others.  It has many features which mean the information provided more accurate and easy to complete.

Many of our clients conduct a customer feedback survey on an annual basis, or monthly/daily depending on their customer base, services or products.

Yearly progress reports and bench marking also allows them to see where there investments have paid back.  These reports also show what needs further attention.

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