Our Unique Workshop Proposition

It’s about practise, not theory

The focus of our unique workshop experience is on practise….realistic practise.

Delegates use a combination of scenarios that represent ‘real life’ to them, and therefore are by definition, very relevant.

Scenarios are discussed, practised and reviewed in a 1:1 setting with our highly skilled consultant team, all in a safe environment.

Your delegates therefore learn by doing, applying our powerful principles, and receiving high quality feedback to transform what they do.

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Powerful & pragmatic principles

We provide delegates with powerful principles and techniques, presented in bite sized chunks using big & bright media to help their digestion and understanding.  We use no slides, no wordy book of delegate notes, and no lecture style.

Delegates then get opportunities to build their confidence & capability in using these principles, through realistic practise.

Most of the intellectual property we use has been created by us, and so cannot be found anywhere else.

This is a key part of our unique and proven solution we use to develop your people.

Use of high quality film.

We use the powerful medium of film to enhance the experience for delegates.  They get to see and hear themselves as others do, often for the first time.

Our Nottingham based development centre providers fully integrated HD filming with studio quality sound & digital playback.  Our AV equipment is discreet so as not to interfere with the activities.

Film footage is reviewed with each person in 1:1 sessions, creating many a ‘light bulb’ moment for delegates.  This often drives ‘real acknowledgment’, which is then the catalyst for behavioural change, back in the workplace.

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My Learning Journey – Our web technology

As a PDW Group client, your delegates will get secure & unlimited access to ‘My Learning Journey’.  This is a unique piece of software designed & built by us, to help transform the effectiveness of our learning & development proposition, and your investment.

All our research tells us that effective development of skills and behaviours in the workplace is as much about what happens before and after a workshop, as it is about the event itself.

So your delegates’ access My Learning Journey as part of their preparation for workshops to maximise their focus & commitment before they arrive.  Application of commitments, and embedding of behaviours & skills are then maximised afterwards through ongoing access and support.

Flexibility & Personalisation

Workshops are either one or two days, either in isolation or as part of a broader programme combining other development solutions such as 1:1 coaching or e-learning.

Workshops do not follow a rigid plan, with all delegates working through ‘theory’ at the same pace.  Instead we react in the moment to what each delegate needs combining a well prepared framework with the flexibility required to make each workshop a truly personal delegate experience.

For this reason, working with groups of differing roles and mixed abilities & experience is easily achieved.

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Put simply, our unique approach maximises the likelihood of behavioural change.  It can transform the capability and confidence of your people in key areas such as leadership, people or customer management, selling and business development.  In short, it is ‘life changing’’, and many hundreds of delegates have described it as such.