360 Degree Feedback

If well designed, communicated and facilitated, 360 degree feedback is a proven method of obtaining high quality feedback for individuals.

360 degree feedback can add significant value to an individual’s performance review as a holistic assessment of their behaviours and skills.  This means it can help the person to be more aware of others’ perception of their strengths and weaker areas.

This can transform levels of personal acknowledgement, the precursor to any behavioural change.

It can also be instrumental as an assessment tool for internal people moves and promotions.  It is equally effective as a training needs analysis for a person’s development, particularly for leadership development.

Furthermore, 360 degree feedback can then help to track progress on a person’s development.  It can also help significantly towards quantifying the return on training investment which is notoriously difficult to do.


Ready to Begin with 360?

Completing a 360 feedback survey

All our experiences tell us that a 360 feedback initiative if run effectively, can really boost the self awareness of leaders & managers and their subsequent action to maximise strengths and develop weaker areas.

Ready to Begin with 360?


So what Does ‘Great’ Look Like?

The PDW Group way of doing 360 degree feedback is the best there is, and consists of…

  • The right questionnaire – our experience and insight will ensure you are asking the right questions in your 360 survey
  • Internal company briefing – all delegates and providers attend a short briefing session.  This covers the what, why, how and when aspects of the survey and boosts response rates and quality
  • Our simple and effective on line platform – a dedicated on line platform designed to securely capture feedback from delegates and providers. This means our platform enhances the accuracy of the information provided and makes it easier to complete
  • In depth reporting – colour, graphical PDF reports for each delegate which includes peer benchmarking
  • Personal Debriefs – often the missing ingredient.  An intensive coaching style debrief with a PDW coach ensures each delegate understands and acknowledges the key messages in their report. The debrief includes agrees key actions and the publishing of an action plan

Many of our clients conduct a 360 degree feedback survey for all leaders and line managers annually.

As a consequence, many have moved their business culturally to where feedback is an integral part of their organisational culture.

Yearly progress reports and bench marking also allows them to see where their investments have paid back.  Furthermore, it also shows them who and where needs further attention.

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