Team Development

Truly high performing teams are still all too rare in the business world.  Nevertheless, team development for high performance remains a key aspiration of most businesses and team heads.

Great teamwork can deliver so much for the individuals, the team and the overall business.  This includes financial, well being and many other measures, so rightly is a viable aspiration in which many businesses invest.

Furthermore, getting different teams together across the business to work better together can be equally beneficial.

In fact, we have numerous examples over the years of where we have saved companies literally ‘eye watering’ amounts of money, simply by getting people across different teams to communicate better together.

High performing team work is also considered to be one of the key outputs of great leadership, and a robust measurement of the effectiveness of any leader.


Ready to Begin with a Team Away Day?


But how do you create and develop a high performing team?

There is no doubt that there are a series of key principles that define and enable high performing teams.  Many of these are relevant regardless of the industry, the type and size of team, or the individuals within it.

That said, teams that are serious about becoming high performing, must define what it means and how they achieve it for themselves. There are a variety of activities that teams can undertake to do that.  Getting teams together, away from the ‘day job’ to discuss, define, and feedback, and to challenge & plan together can be game changing.

Many of our clients report that this is so much more effective when team days are externally facilitated.  We have therefore helped many teams to dramatically improve what they do, and how they do it.

Team development session in a meeting


So team away days, if properly designed and facilitated, can be a very robust way of getting a group of people to achieve this aim. Whilst the specific components can be almost limitless, away days tend to work well to achieve a number of aims.

So how can a facilitated team away day help you?
  • People in a team understanding themselves and each other better.  This means that they can work more effectively and collaboratively as a unit
  • A team defining their own version of what a high performing team looks and feels like, and agreeing a plan to achieve it over time
  • Cross team representatives coming together to understand the priorities and challenges of other teams.
  • A team of people working on identifying and solving a specific challenge or problem that requires a breadth of perspectives.
  • A team of people, such as a board of directors working on and completing a business plan that everyone buys into

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Team development days can also have an element of social activity, anything from walking, to go karting to going out for a meal and so on.  Whilst we don’t directly supply these social aspects, we can of course work with you to design any type of away day which may incorporate those things.

We hold many client away days at our development centre in Nottingham.  We also have good connections with a number of centres around the UK which provide specific solutions such as a focus on the outdoors or on specific activities.

Just let us know where you want to go in the UK, and what type of activities you want to do and we can tailor it exactly to your needs.

Furthermore, we can also help certain additional aspects of team development, either through behavioural profiling, individual leadership development or our business advisory services.


Ready to Begin with a Team Away Day?