A well designed and facilitated assessment centre (or assessment day) is a very robust way of assessing candidates.   This can be for a number of purposes, which include:

  • Recruiting new talent to your organisation from external sources
  • Maximising people moves and promotions within your organisation
  • Making key decisions on development investment as a precursor to a learning & development programme
  • Measuring the effectiveness of an L&D programme by assessing development and growth

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How Do Our Assessment Centres Work?

A PDW assessment centre typically takes place over one day.  It requires meticulous planning & preparation beforehand, and effective choreography & facilitation during the day.

We work with our clients to properly understand your objectives for running an assessment centre and your candidates who will be taking part.  We then design challenging and appropriate exercises to robustly assess the candidates and ensure the client gets their ideal outcomes.

For clients where it is practical to run the event at our Nottingham based development centre, we can add extra value by tapping into the uniqueness of our behavioural development model. We simulate scenarios that candidates would typically find themselves in so as to allow them to demonstrate their ability to perform in these situations.

Furthermore, these scenarios are typically viewed remotely by assessors via our state of the art AV technology.  This adds further realism for the candidates and assessors alike.

Most clients choose a mixture of their own and PDW assessors to balance the day.  The assessment mix is completely flexible so as to fit with each client’s purpose and budget.


What Activities Can Be Included?

There are many activities and exercises that we can use but a typical day would consist of some or all of the following:

  • Competency and/or strength based interview
  • Simulated scenarios that are relevant to the candidates being assessed (such as people management or customer meetings, etc.)
  • Formal presentations, either pre-prepared or as part of an exercise on the day
  • Data analysis and case study work
  • Written technical or financial tests
  • Psychometrics and personality/behavioural profiling
  • Problem solving exercises
  • Group activities and discussions

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For an internally focused assessment centre, some clients include a 360 degree feedback survey prior to participating and make the 360 report available for use by the assessors on the day. This can be another highly robust mechanism to add to the mix.  It allows candidates to obtain feedback from people in their own organisation and add significantly to their self awareness.

Many clients also invest in thorough 1:1 candidate debriefs.  Our aspiration is the assessment experience will trigger the single best personal feedback experience the candidates have ever had.  As such, this will add huge value to them personally regardless of the individual outcome.