Management Training

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Management training.  People in management positions are usually key influencers of their team members’ motivation, behaviour and performance.

‘Managers’ therefore have the opportunity to ‘enable’ their team members to be great, or not.

There are many factors that impact on how ‘enabling’ or ‘disabling’ a manager is of others.  These include the manager’s mindset, knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Of these, behaviour has the most significant impact.  Managers can often achieve many more ‘intended outcomes’ by firstly being more ‘self-aware’ of their own behaviours.  Furthermore, managers who are able to demonstrate the ability to adapt to each situation will generally get the very best out of it, and of the person(s) involved.

So getting management behaviour right can pay huge dividends, the most significant of which is improvements to people engagement.

Businesses that have high levels of ‘engagement’ right will get higher productivity, better loyalty and improved advocacy.  Put simply, this reduces costs, and gives a greater likelihood of improved revenues.

Getting it wrong continues to cost businesses the world over in reduced productivity and performance and the resultant pressure on managers personally.  Unnecessary absence and vacancies, low internal co-operation and issues in attracting the right new employees to the business.  These are all the hallmarks of lower people engagement.

So whilst other factors will contribute, the behaviour of managers and leaders undoubtedly has the biggest impact.  For this reason alone, high quality management training should be a key area of investment for any businesses that wants to improve its overall results.