Performance Management

‘Performance management’ is a phrase that can mean so many different things.  It can strike fear into the hearts of many of us; it can be an inert phrase or a very powerful one, depending on which side of the table you are sitting on.

For many, it is misunderstood & misinterpreted. For us however it is crystal clear, it is all about “ensuring great performance from everyone, all of the time”.

Great performance management however, is unlikely to be done ‘in isolation’, as it is part of an organisation’s culture.  Many of the reasons why performance management is not where it should be are linked to company’s culture and history.

It simply needs a robust process, quality tools or systems, and the right behaviours.  If some or all of these areas are lacking, then it is likely the business will underperform.


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So how can PDW Group help your business to improve performance management?

The reality is that many organisations can actually do a large part of the improvements needed by themselves, without any external help.

Many organisations though don’t do it this way, because they either don’t have the expertise or the resource.

So if you decide to work with an external partner on improving the way you manage performance, then here’s how we can help.

As with much of our work, we apply our proven methodology.

The components that would be involved would depend on where the gaps are, and can include…

  • Defining company direction, strategy and business plans
  • Creating scorecards and robust measurement mechanisms
  • Defining and scoping people structures and job roles within the business
  • Defining ‘what great looks like’ in terms of values and behavioural standards
  • Measuring where you are now in terms of customer feedback and employee engagement, and the behavioural competence of your leaders and line managers via 360 degree feedback
  • Creating a robust process, providing templates, content and briefing/communication methods and materials.
  • Our HR software, providing the latest web-based technology to improve access, communication and congruence within the whole process
  • Working with your directors and people managers to transform the behaviours that are relevant to managing performance better.  This will dramatically improve people’s self-awareness, confidence and capability in all aspects of the performance management lifecycle.

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Where do you go from here?

If you have the answers to the questions above and you are therefore clear what help you need, then you can be very specific with us and we will work exactly to your brief.

If on the other hand you are not quite so sure, or want us to advise and share the very best of what we see in the market, then we can do that too.

So contact us for a no-obligation chat, whenever you’re ready, we are happy to listen.

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