Setting Goals, Direction & Objectives

There are few more important aspects to a people manager’s job role than communicating clearly to their team members what is expected of them.

Direction can come in many forms, but essentially we all need to understand the boundaries and accountabilities of our job roles, and the performance levels that are required of us. 

Setting goals and the provision of proper targets, KPIs and other numerical or project-based objectives will be ‘cultural’ in all great businesses.

We also need to know what is expected of us in terms of behaviours, either in values, competency terms, or both.  In recent years this area has become progressively more important to businesses, their customers and employees. 

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Driving and Maximising Performance

Fundamentally, clear direction, boundaries and targets are an essential part of performance management.  There are few employers who don’t want to maximise the performance of their people, but there are far fewer who can honestly say they have got this area right.

Performance cannot be maximised if there is a lack of clear goals & direction

Often, line managers and HR teams make the mistake of assuming they know why a person or group are underperforming, or not behaving in a way that is acceptable.

The impact of this is that they will often apply the wrong solution, which usually, therefore, doesn’t work.

There are many situations where the root of the problem is that the line manager and the team member had a different perception of the job boundaries or accountabilities.  This is one of the main reasons why ‘stuff’ doesn’t get done correctly in business, or indeed at all.

It could be that the line manager had not set and agreed tangible and clear targets with the team member; the direction was just too generalised and not specific and clear enough.

Either way, ensuring your business has capable and willing people managers who recognise the importance of setting clear direction and do it effectively will deliver clear performance benefits to your business.


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