Mental Toughness Training

We help our delegates to develop the psychological and the practical tools that improve their personal resilience.

Delegates can be literally anyone in the workplace performing any role.  For any of us, improving our resilience can have significant benefits to our performance and well being. It can also deliver significant organisational benefit in terms of better productivity, reduced absence and fewer behavioural issues.

So all our personal resilience training courses focus on four key areas, many steeped in sport and military psychology. The application of these can help business operators be higher performers whilst ensuring higher levels of personal well being.

Whilst there are many things that affect our behaviour and performance in the workplace, our mindset & attitude and our ability to apply it purposefully is a major contributor.

mental tougness flow chart

Key focus areas for learning are completely bespoke.  Below is an illustration of what a typical workshop would focus on and seek to improve for all delegates:
  • What is personal resilience (or mental toughness) ?
  • Understanding and developing self belief
  • Understanding and developing self motivation
  • Developing the ability to maintain focus and to refocus
  • Understanding stress and its impact on the person and how to improve coping strategies when under pressure

Personal resilience courses can either run in isolation, or as part of a broader programme where our unique approach to behavioural learning can also be incorporated to help leverage mindset to drive improved behaviours.

Mental toughness courses are high energy and interactive They are typically held in one day, and use a single facilitator.

Ready to Begin with Mental Resilience?