Project Management Training

We work with a variety of people and roles that require project management training to improve project management capability.

Our aim is to help delegates with both the technical tools, as well as an introduction into the human and behavioural components of effective project management.

Our delegates are often current or new project managers involved with delivering major projects that simply must land effectively.

We also work with many roles where being able to run multi person and task projects are a part of their role.  These include manufacturing managers, marketing managers, or operations managers to either introduce them to new tools and techniques, or improve specific aspects of their existing approach.


Ready to Begin with Project Management Training?

Project management training session


What We Focus On

Key focus areas for learning are completely bespoke.  Below is where a project management course would typically focus.

  • What is a project? Clarity around the difference between business as usual and projects
  • Ease & Impact grid – diagnostic tools to work out which projects to invest
  • Project management tools including Mind Mapping, Rapid Action Planning, Scrum & Sprint
  • Project proposal, business case, planning & update tools and evaluation/success measures
  • The importance of roles & responsibilities
  • And much more…!


How It Works

Project management courses can either run in isolation, or as part of a broader programme.  This could be where our unique approach to behavioural learning can also be incorporated.  This transforms behaviours that leverage the additional knowledge gained during the workshop.

Foundational project management courses are high energy and interactive.  They are typically held in one day, and use a single facilitator.

Project management training courses focus on providing a uniform and congruent way of managing projects effectively in an organisation.  This means that processes, tools and terminology can become a common currency.

Ready to Begin with Project Management Training?