Professional Services Training

Equip your professionals in practice with the right mindset, behaviours & skills to improve their core behaviours in applications such as leadership, people management, client relationship management and business development.

We have worked with professional services firms of all types and sizes for almost 20 years so we have an in-depth understanding of your markets, opportunities and challenges.

We work with leadership teams, partners and team members in accountancy & audit, tax, restructuring, corporate finance, financial services, corporate and private client law, surveying & property and much more.  Our purpose is always to help transform the behaviour of their people in a variety of applications and to drive their practice performance.

Professional services firms typically view activities such as leadership, people management and business development or selling activities differently to most traditional product or service suppliers.

So we can help you to improve and even transform…

  • Overall fee levels
  • Recovery rates and WiP balances
  • Partner and employee engagement, and therefore productivity and attrition
  • Client advocacy
  • Referral levels from clients
  • Additional revenue from cross selling
  • The costs associated with recruitment
  • New business wins
  • Adherence to firm processes and overall efficiencies


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What is the opportunity for improving behaviours through training in your business?

In short, there is a huge opportunity for professional services firms to help their people to recognise how to truly differentiate themselves from their competitors both from both their clients’, and their employees’ perspective.

The reality is that competitive differentiation comes mostly from the behaviours of the people actually communicating with the client or prospect, or leading or managing the team member as technical capability is a ‘given’ these days.

Technical capability is rarely a competitive differentiator

It is also a fact that almost all of the training that professional services firms invest in every year is very traditional in its approach. Our experience with thousands of delegates tells us that this traditional approach is largely ineffective in actually changing behaviour, in fact it’s what drove us to coin the phrase, when it comes to developing behaviours, most training doesn’t work!

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