Our sales training and negotiation skills proposition is unique & highly effective; it is unlike almost any other solution available in the market.

Its our experience that the competitive advantage gained by suppliers through their product or service alone is gradually reducing.  The behaviours & skills of their sales people and business developers is often the key difference therefore between winning profitable new business, and not.

So how do we help our clients to maximise competitive advantage?

We work with delegates whose role it is to sell products or services to their customers and reach mutually acceptable agreements. Primary sales objectives are usually to build revenue & profit by maximising volumes & rates and cross selling within existing relationships.

The winning of new business through lead generation and new prospect conversion to expand the customer base is also often a key client priority.

We work with many different types of sales people & business developers across a whole host of industries, from new to highly experienced.  Our aim is always to challenge & support them to master powerful selling skills & negotiation techniques so they can be the best in their industry.