Adopt These Behaviour Change Strategies In Your Business

Written by: Jo Mousley

In our experience there are four important steps essential to enhancing performance and achieving results through behavioural change.


1. Increase your self-awareness

We all demonstrate a mixture of four core behavioural styles but have our own behavioural preference. This is made up of the subconscious behaviours we display day to day as well as under pressure.

Having a deep understanding of our own behavioural style helps us in turn to understand other people behaviours and working preferences. By understanding both, we can flex and work to improve behaviour, performance and results.


"Seek first to understand before being understood." - Stephen R. Covey

2. Acknowledge your strengths, development areas and any needs to change to realise your full potential

There is no right or wrong. It is about playing to your strengths and realising you have some development gaps.  Acknowledging and working on these gaps will help you in building more effective relationships with your team, colleagues or clients which in turn will help you achieve greater performance.

3. Understand the benefits of changing behaviour

Behaviours drive performance - So now that you are aware of your behavioural strengths and development areas you’re probably thinking so what? Exploring those two areas is part of the journey of understanding why should you change.

4. Developing the tools and gaining opportunities to practise these skills

None of this is rocket science, however in our experience, people get to this point, they recognise the need for change but don’t know how to. Having the right tools and chance to practice is key to transforming behaviour and performance.

This concept is best summed up the Olympic gold medal winning rower Ben Hunt-Davis in his book, ‘Will it make the boat go faster? in the following quote:

"Coming from the sporting world into the corporate world I found it amazing that people don’t seem to practise.  People just go and do the real thing straight off.  In the boat we spent 99.9% of our time practising in a safe environment.  Clearly you can’t do that percentage in the business world, but if you spent say 5% of your time practising, wouldn’t that increase your payback more than 5%?”

At PDW Group, our unique behavioural workshop approach allows you to bring ‘real life’ situations into the training room and plan them, practise them and then receive feedback.

Working with professional coaches in a safe environment, gaining face to face feedback plus remote video footage will enable you to build the capability and confidence to go and have these conversations in real life with great success!

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