How To Recognise Employees Lacking Engagement

A lack of employee engagement can be damaging to the overall success of your team and company. But how can you recognise an employee who may be becoming disengaged? We explore common traits you might recognise in employees who aren’t engaged so you can find ways to stem growing issues.


Resisting Change

If your company is going through a period of change, this can illuminate the disengagement of your employees. This might be as simple as a change in your general processes or a transition to a new position. An employee who is not engaged will be reluctant to adapt to a new way of doing things and may be quite vocal about how they feel. You may hear them discussing how much better things "used to be" and refusing to see any potential upsides to progress.

Not Being A Team Player

Teamwork is an important part of many roles, but those who aren't engaged won't contribute easily to projects with their colleagues. You may also find that they do not attend social events or team bonding activities. This will often extend to employees becoming disconnected from management, and all of this combined can lead to low morale across your workplace.

Avoiding Activities

Employees who are not engaged will often complete their usual tasks, but will not seek to progress or take on new challenges. They aren't likely to want further training or help out on other projects. This "clock in, clock out" mentality is another reason you may notice employees not taking part in social functions such as after-work drinks.

The Impact Of Lack Of Employee Engagement

Low employee engagement does not only impact a single member of your workforce. You may find that over time even one disengaged employee can spread their dissatisfaction to other team members. This could result in an overall reduction in productivity and cause meetings to become unproductive, too. You may even find that you see higher instances of employee absence and increased employee turnover, which will ultimately lead to a poor customer experience as you continuously train new employees.

How PDW Group Can Help

Whether or not you suspect that your employees are becoming disengaged, it never hurts to discover their true level of engagement. With PDW Group, you can find out more from our tailored engagement surveys. We will measure your employee engagement levels and give you powerful insights that can impact how you proceed with strategies to engage your employees.

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