What Is The Best Way To Maximise Team Engagement And Performance?

Employee engagement is a phrase that describes the level of satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy that a team member feels towards their employer and their co-workers. The more engaged an employee is, the more they’re likely to care about their work, their performance and their organisation.


Raising levels of employee engagement can help businesses to boost their productivity and reduce employee turnover. It can also help to encourage collaboration between team members and create a more positive work environment.


One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve team engagement is to recognise the hard work and dedication your team already puts in. Ensuring employees receive relevant praise and positive feedback where due will help them to feel proud of their achievements and remind them that their contribution is valued.


Team leaders often set the tone when it comes to workplace culture and engagement. If they behave in a disengaging way, the people they lead are unlikely to feel inspired or engaged themselves. Team leaders need to ensure that their words and actions are about the team and its wellbeing. They need to avoid putting themselves first or falling into other common bad leadership traps.


Investing in your employees will show them that they’re valued and wanted within your organisation. This investment can come in a number of different ways. You could invest your time by having regular one-to-one sessions with your team members. This can provide employees with the opportunity to discuss their current performance, their long-term plans and any concerns or suggestions they may have.

You could also invest in their development. Sending your team members on targeted training courses will help them build their career and perform better in the workplace. Completing regular training courses can also help employees to feel more satisfied in their professional development and keep them motivated.


Improving team member engagement often involves boosting levels of teamwork and trust within your organisation. Try to create a culture of trust and understanding and encourage your employees to think like a team and not a group of disparate individuals. Team building and leadership courses can often help you to achieve these goals.

Employee Engagement Survey

If you’re still unsure how to improve team engagement at work, an employee engagement survey could help. These surveys are specifically designed to provide information about employee engagement within all types of organisations and can be used to help inform employee engagement strategies.

Improving employee engagement could help you to boost productivity, profitability and employee retention. Get in touch with a member of our expert team to find out now!


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