A Prestigious Accountancy Firm Endorses Leadership Development From PDW

PDW Group specialises in developing new behaviours and habits for professionals via unique business training courses that allow them to prepare for new responsibilities, or to perform better in their current role. In this blog post, we look closely at how PDW’s training helped a top accountancy firm to transform the way they work.

We spoke with WR Partners’ Risk & Compliance Manager, Emma Clark, to understand how she worked with PDW to identify and work towards her goals.

How Emma Began Her PDW Journey

Emma works at the prestigious accountancy firm WR Partners with roughly 220 employees; the PDW team has helped WR Partners significantly by training its partners and employees over the past decade. As her work specifically involves internal training, Emma was naturally interested in finding new approaches that best suit her skills.

PDW Group had been working with partners and other senior groups via the WR Partners Academy for a number of years with just eight people chosen every year for this investment. Emma was one of the ‘lucky 8’ in 2022, allowing her to access high-level business leadership development training and gain the skills to manage a wide range of potential workplace scenarios.

As an accountant for the firm herself before transitioning to her current role, Emma knew how helpful a PDW programme might be for her own development. Having accrued significant experience as a client-facing accountant, but now working in an internal role, Emma wanted to work more efficiently and effectively as one of the firm’s managers; this would also help her identify employee training needs.

The PDW Training And How It Helped

The specific training programme she embarked upon was driven by our own unique experiential approach, and made up of multiple behavioural workshops that allowed valuable practice and feedback sessions and granted her the tools to deal with various difficult situations that might arise. This gave Emma the opportunity to push herself further whilst learning about her own behavioural preferences and proneness’s, including how to flex when necessary.

This programme took place over six sessions across the past year, with each of the sessions lasting two days. They were held at PDW Group’s unique Development centre at Nottingham and the last session was at the end of April – Emma is already noticing a tremendous shift in the way she approaches her work and resolves conflict.

Speaking about the programme’s goal-setting component, Emma said, ‘that session made me change my thinking on what I want and how I could control, influence and make changes’. On top of this, she stated that it was ‘very useful’ to learn how to match someone’s behavioural style.

PDW’s training programmes & courses are calibrated to match the specific needs of professionals, helping them to achieve their real potential in the workplace and deliver high performance. If you would like to learn more about PDW Group as well as the many benefits of our business training and leadership development courses, get in touch with our team today.