Setting New Records

Now we have closed the books on 2022, we are of course now firmly fixed on having an even better 2023.

However, many of us don’t often stop to reflect; we just move on to the next thing in front of us, so this short article is a celebration of what was a truly extraordinary year for us all at PDW Group in 2022.

After a truly awful 2020, and a promising 2021 that saw us pull out of the dark days of Covid, we broke every record in 2022 by any metric for which we are all very proud indeed, and this reinstates the robustness of our business to our employees and our clients, current and future.


However, there are two measures of our success that we particularly wanted to highlight. This is not about ‘bragging’, as we have had our fair share of challenges in our 20-year history too. We’re doing this because these same two measures keep cropping up in most of our conversations with our clients and prospects in one way or another, so it's important that we show we are ‘eating our own cooking’!

These two measures are the lifeblood of every business. It's not enough to know whether your financial metrics are above, at or below where you wanted them to be as these are just ‘output measures’ - you’ve got to know WHY they are as they are.

And whilst market conditions and other ‘uncontrollables’ will always play a part in the performance of any business, focusing on what you and your colleagues can do something about has always been our mantra at PDW, and it's a message we send to all of the clients we work with.

So what are these two measures?

Well, the overall engagement of our people, and the overall advocacy of our clients, both measured using the net promoter score, is what I am referring to.

We have achieved 61% for our people engagement, and 86% for our client advocacy from our surveys late last year. As we run so many of these types of online surveys for our clients’ employees and their clients, we have lots of benchmarking data, so we are always challenging ourselves to be world class.

And according to the NPS philosophy, and the data we have, it looks like we have achieved it; these numbers are some of the highest we have ever seen. But we will never be complacent, and we will continue to look to both celebrate these achievements, and to improve and refine our employee and client experiences in 2023 and beyond.

So to all of our employees, and to all of our clients who participated, thank you, we are proud of what we have achieved and we are well and truly listening. And to all those people and companies out there who are not yet PDW Group employees or clients, imagine working with a supplier who is, according to those surveyed, truly world class.

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Image Source: Canva