3 Big Reasons Why Company Away Days Are A Great Option!

When you're an SME business owner, it's tempting to look for ways to keep your budget under control - especially in these challenging economic circumstances. But it's vital to invest in your talent, in order to retain and develop your best people, and this means finding ways to engage, connect and reward them for their efforts and performance.

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Company away days are a fantastic way to unlock measurable benefits from your team and they needn't be expensive either. In fact, for most businesses, the returns from an away day will vastly exceed the costs.

Furthermore, the purpose of an away day can be hugely varied, anything from a simple reward and some fun, to bonding a group of people into a real team, to something much more cerebral and technical in its nature, such as inputting into a business plan or running some problem solving sessions.
Let's take a closer look at some of the advantages of booking a corporate away day.

1. Connection And Teamwork

Corporate away days are a fantastic opportunity for your team members to work together in a different environment and to solve problems creatively and informally. New dynamics can be explored, new ways of communication engaged with - and any existing challenges or issues can be explored away from the pressures of work. Away days often lead to fantastic innovation and fresh thinking too - a real bonus to SMEs that rely on innovation to thrive and grow.

2. New Skills

There are so many different types of corporate away days to explore, from outward-bound-type activities to volunteering. All can be used as an opportunity to learn new skills, which can then be transferred back to the workplace. Whether the focus skill is around communication, problem-solving, team working or perhaps something more specific, such as strategising, the right away day can create real breakthroughs in skills and expertise.

3. Enhanced Morale

Every team needs something fun to look forward to as a reward for hard work, and corporate away days are a fantastic bonus that everyone should enjoy. By booking an away day, your employees will have an incentive to work toward and something to bond over together. When you roll in a celebratory element such as dinner and drinks, you also get a fantastic chance to say thank you to your hard-working employees and to recognise their efforts and contribution to the success of your business - something that is essential to its ongoing success.

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PDW Group can help your business to further develop as a team by providing a tailored away day package that suits your unique needs. Please contact us to find out more, and to book your perfect and bespoke business corporate away day.

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