Top 5 Benefits Of Customer Surveys For Your Organisation

In a competitive world where the customer is king, businesses need to understand their audience more than ever. Investing in research is a powerful means of gaining this vital insight - allowing businesses to make better decisions and to better serve customers to gain a competitive advantage.

Here are just four of the main benefits of customer feedback surveys.

1. To Gather Rich, Relevant Data

There are two main types of business research; secondary - or desk research, and primary, such as a customer service feedback survey. Primary research is the most valuable form for a business as it is valid, up to date and highly targeted to the needs of this business. It is also owned by the business and not available to competitors unless they commission their own surveys. When businesses gather this data, analyse it and use the results to make better decisions, they can gain a competitive advantage.

2. To See What's Going Well

It's vital to know what's working in your business, especially when you have invested in systems, processes, training and products. By showing what is working well, you can see exactly where that investment should continue for the best results.

3. To See What Needs To Be Improved

By the same token, a customer service feedback survey will show you where your processes are falling down and where your customer touchpoints need to be improved. This will allow you to turn a negative experience into a positive one, by focusing on improvement areas and turning them around.

4. To See Changing Trends

Customer buying trends are always evolving and where research can show customer preferences, your business model can evolve to meet these customer trends and needs. For example, research might show that your customers want to buy your products and services online using slick e-commerce models and m-commerce.

5. To Boost Loyalty And Engagement

Where customers feel that they are important, they are more likely to remain loyal to a brand. So when you seek customer feedback via a survey, you get to show your customers that their opinion matters to you. Show that their views are highly regarded and that you will act on the feedback, and your customers will perceive your company as a positive, values-driven and modern brand.

Find Out More

PDW Group can provide all of these benefits of customer feedback surveys with highly tailored, focused surveys and research tailored to your organisation. With the goal of getting the best and fullest view of your customer experience possible, we operate bespoke research for our clients on a consistent basis, identifying trends over time and supporting them with actionable insight and key takeaways for decision-making. Contact us to find out more.

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