Turning The Tables

By Molly Thomas

Four years ago, in March 2015, I was in year 10, and was part of like all the students in my year the mock interviews that took place at our school Carlton Le Willows. This was to help us to have a basic interview and get the feel and understanding of what to expect in the future. We had to create a CV and meet with someone from a company outside the school e.g. Boots, the Army, Fire Service, Accounting, Training & Consultancy. As a 14-year-old, going to speak to someone I don’t know made me very nervous. I didn’t know what to expect, or how I would answer the questions other than “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure”.

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do once I left school other then I didn’t want to do A – Levels. I hadn’t thought about my future or what it could look like other than I wanted to work with cars. So, the period of time from I left school until I was 18 was a bit of a blur for me.

I left school in 2017, with 6 GCSE’S finally with the goal of wanting to do an apprenticeship in Business Administration. For this, I joined my parents’ company PDW Group. I’ve now been here for nearly 20 months.

In March 2018, I got asked by my mum, if I wanted to be part of the year 10 interviews for 2019 after she was a part of them once again. I accepted the offer, as many things sprung to mind, I can honestly say I was overwhelmed with the excitement and possible opportunities that could come from the event.

As time went on, it came closer and closer to the date of the interviews… It definitely was a weird feeling for me as I once sat on the other side of the table a few years ago now and I was about to be on the other side as the interviewer…

When I was preparing for the interviews (As I had never interviewed anyone before), I was thinking what’s the best way/s I can present myself to these students but also get the best out of them. After sitting back and thinking for a moment or two, I realised I could use some of the models we use in the training room! E.g. Playback, 4p’s.

How I practiced and prepared myself for these interviews is partly how we would do it in the training room, with some of the IP we’d cover whether it was in my head or written down. At PDW, we do a lot of practising and interaction with our clients on the workshops we hold here. Which helps them develop and understand more in their heads after the 2 days are done. This is a bit like the interviews. Speaking with an individual/s, that you’ve never met and asking/answering questions that will allow you to think about a situation that you may not have thought about in great depth other than black & white.

Having the experience, I had of going back to the school, and being part of the interview process has helped me for my future and potentially being involved in more interviews whether they where back at Carlton Le Willows or at the place where I work. Having the opportunities to do this, really has helped open my mind and prepare myself for my future and what is available for me to be involved in.

I have really benefited from being interviewed to being the interviewer. I would not have changed the experience one bit. I would love to be part of it again, or anything like it again.