4 Ways You Can Raise Employees’ Morale During Difficult Times

It is no secret that our current workplace landscape can be challenging for everyone - concerning world events and job insecurity are everywhere you look. During difficult times, you need to make an extra effort to increase employee morale. But how can you ensure that your employees feel engaged, secure, and valued in their roles? We explore four strategies you can use to raise employee morale.


Gather Employee Feedback

Before really knowing how to how to improve employee morale and job satisfaction, you should understand the challenges that your employees feel they are facing during difficult periods. Regular feedback surveys can show that you are engaging with your employees and want to fully understand what issues most concern them. Surveys can be general or targeted, and these can help you to tailor your approach when implementing changes that combat ongoing problems and improve the workplace for everyone. This shows employees that you value them, hear their concerns, and want them to thrive - which could lead to a serious motivation boost.

Encourage One-To-One Meetings/Conversations

Each member of your team is an individual, and showing that you understand this is vital for raising morale. Engaging in one-on-one meetings frequently can create more trust and understanding between managers and employees, allowing them to speak more freely. Employees who feel heard individually will be more engaged and productive in their daily work.

Show Your Appreciation

During tough times, it is especially important to show your employees how valued they are. This can be shown in a variety of ways, from celebrating their achievements in team meetings to providing small rewards for great work. You can use an app or give face-to-face praise to create an atmosphere of engagement and reduce stress and anxiety among your people.

Organise A Company Away Day

No matter how challenging your current day-to-day workload may be, take the time to organise an away day. Away days give employees a chance to learn more about themselves and each other, and form more human connections and relationships. This can translate to better communication, which is invaluable for calming high-stress situations and improving productivity.

How PDW Group Can Support You

Knowing how to improve employee morale and job satisfaction is best done with a full understanding of the different issues and concerns your employees may be facing. PDW Group can provide you with all the support you need to both understand and improve morale through our vast range of services. These can include providing a full service employee engagement survey solution, well managed away days and unique and highly effective behavioural development training for your leaders & managers. Get in touch to find out more.

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