What Coaching Did For Me


Coaching can significantly help your day-to-day work and have a positive impact on how you operate.

We talked to Sandra about her journey with PDW Group and her realisation of why coaching was the next step for her.

Coaching enabled Sandra to see some of the specific blockers that were preventing her from being the type of partner she wanted to be how it lead her to be a happier person.

Her perception prior to the coaching was that it would be “pink and fluffy” and she was not sure what the benefits would be. However, after only one session, she began to realise the solid outcomes that she could use immediately as well as understanding that we could provide the support and time needed to achieve her goals.

It can sometimes be difficult to know how to deal with the problems you’re facing in the workplace, it may even be that you haven’t identified what exactly it is holding you back.

Sandra’s story highlights how trusting someone to ask the right questions through coaching can help you identify and deal with your situation.

PDW Group’s team of coaches can help you take that step by having a confidential conversation about your situation to see how we can help.