5 Skills Every Good Manager Needs

A lot of the time, we see discussions about being a leader versus being a manager. In reality, businesses need both in order to succeed. Whilst leaders play a vital role in the overall direction of a company, managers ensure that every day – and every employee - meets its full potential.

Good managers can make the difference between an adequate performance and a great one, with exceptional managers able to push their team to ever higher achievements and get the best out of every individual. If you’re tasked with managing a team of people, putting time, energy and thought into your managerial technique is essential. Here are our 5 top tips to being a great manager.


Motivation And Recognition

More often than not, being a good manager means developing good people skills. After all, the better you know your team members, their motivations and goals, the easier it will be to get the very best from each individual.

Getting to know team members takes time and effort. Taking the time to get to know your colleagues will make your team members feel valued and help you understand how you can better inspire them. Spending time outside the office, whether socially or by taking courses from third-party providers can give your team a valuable opportunity to bond and for you to see individuals’ strengths and development areas.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are key to good management. There are some easy and effective steps you can take to improve your communication skills and encourage good communication within your team.

Firstly, make sure you celebrate achievements by delivering positive feedback. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and hear that they’ve done a good job, so try to recognise good work whenever you see it; catch people in the act of doing something well.

Secondly, address unhelpful behaviours honestly and in a timely manner. By talking to team members openly about their behaviour, you can prevent tensions developing between colleagues and maintain a positive work environment. These conversations can occasionally seem daunting but when looked at from the perspective of, ‘Would you would like to know if something you were doing was hindering your career?’ they can be tackled productively.

As well as following these principles yourself, encourage others to practise good communication. Sharing your techniques with your team will help to improve workplace communication; something that can contribute to better collaboration, engagement and employee retention.  

Empathy And Emotional Intelligence

Empathy and emotional intelligence are both integral to effective management. Understanding team behavioural styles and considering how individuals’ temperaments can affect the balance of the team and wider workplace can have a transformative effect on both.

If conflicts develop within your team, handle them with care and sensitivity. Often, disagreements can be resolved with good communication and good management.


Delegation is an essential skill for any manager - it is, after all, what differentiates a manager from their team. You can’t take on all the work yourself, so, learning how and when to assign tasks and responsibility is fundamental. Not only does delegation lighten your load and improve productivity within your organisation, but done well, it can empower team members and bring out the best in individuals.


 The future is unpredictable, and many sectors are moving fast. Good managers should always be open to change and be willing to adapt to different situations. Instilling this attitude in your team members will help to improve agility within your organisation.

Placing recognition, communication, empathy, delegation and adaptability at the core of your management style will help you tackle daily challenges and see your team thrive. Working to continuously improve these skills will help you stay at the top of your game and get the very best from your team members.  

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