Top 5 Tips To Overcome Prospect Objections In Sales Situations

Learning how to effectively overcome objections is an integral part of sales. Almost all prospects will raise an objection at some point. So, you’ll need the skills and the know-how necessary to properly and positively address their concerns if you’re going to close the sale.


1. Don’t Try To Talk Objections Away

When we hear an objection, the natural human instinct is to defend it. All too often, salespeople try to overcome objections by talking at prospects until they appear convinced. However, this is usually a waste of time as few people are persuaded by a monologue.

2. Invite Objections

Though this may seem counterintuitive, one of the best ways to overcome objections is to invite prospects or clients to raise their concerns. Most of the time, people won’t mention the issues they’re worried about voluntarily.  Those involved in sales must to realise that your prospect may well not overtly raise any objections or concerns, but this doesn’t mean they are not thinking it, so asking them to talk about their concerns will help flush them out.

Listen carefully to their objections before acting or commenting on them. In most cases, prospects will welcome your openness and appreciate the opportunity to air their thoughts out loud.

3. Ask ‘Why You?’

‘Why You?’ is a key example of the previous point. All prospects are thinking about it, but very few articulate it. So, instead of waiting for the subject to come up, encourage them to ask why your business can offer the best possible solution to their needs.

Think of how you’re going to answer this question ahead of time. In our experience, 99% of salespeople fall into the same traps and end up waffling through this important point. Luckily, there is a definite, world-class way to answer it that will really differentiate you from the competition. However, you’ll have to come to one of our unique training workshops if you want to find out what that is!

4. Take The Message On Board

When an objection is voiced – or even communicated via body language - start by playing back your perception of what you heard or saw. Repeating this to your prospect will demonstrate that you’ve listened to, and understood, their concerns.

Ask questions about their objections and avoid making statements. Ask how they’ve arrived at their concern, why it’s an issue and what impact it would have if it were valid. Once you’ve got this information, you can ask the all-important question – ‘what do I need to demonstrate to overcome this objection?’.

5. Keep It Factual

If your listening has been good enough, and your questions on point, your prospect will basically have been telling you how to overcome their objections. If what they’re asking for is possible, use offers and reassurances based on facts to resolve it. If what they want is impossible or unreasonable, then say so. Explain why it’s not possible and seek to negotiate a more acceptable solution.

Overcoming objections effectively will help you to secure sales and learn exactly what your customers are looking for. Find out more, and learn some crucial trading and sales skills, by giving us a call or signing up for one of our specialist workshops today.


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