Does Your Thought Process Control Your Performance And Wellbeing?

According to research, we’re 31% more productive when we’re feeling positive compared to when we’re stressed. If you’re looking for ways to boost productivity in your workplace, focusing on improved wellbeing among team members could therefore be a great place to start.


Performance And Positivity

There is a strong correlation between employee wellbeing and performance. Our performance at work can be profoundly affected by our thoughts and emotions. If team members are finding it tough to keep their thoughts in order and maintain a positive attitude, they’re probably going to struggle to bring their ‘A’ game to the office.

Creating a positive emotional climate at work can help to boost motivation, build a stronger sense of community, and help team members to feel engaged and supported. This in turn can help to significantly enhance positivity and boost employee retention.

Benefits Of A Positive Environment

The impact of employee wellbeing on performance shouldn’t be underestimated. In fact, low levels of wellbeing can have a knock-on effect on company revenue and profitability. According to the ‘broad and build’ theory, positive emotions broaden an individual's thinking and approach to problem-solving. They also lead to greater persistence in the face of setbacks.

Having a clear head and a positive attitude has been shown to help improve cognitive processing, something that also translates into improved performance. This shows why wellbeing matters in sustaining employee engagement and performance.

Recovering From The Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic hit a lot of us hard. Many people struggled with their mental health during the pandemic and a lot of us are still recovering from the impact of the stress, isolation and anxiety it created. Providing employees with the space and understanding they need to feel supported and valued is a good way to help your business, and your team members, to fully recover.

How To Create A Positive Work Environment

More often than not, it’s managers, and those in positions of leadership, who set the tone for the work environment. If these people in your organisation actively work to introduce more positive language and a more supportive system, you’ll find it has a rapid and significant impact on your team members. Here are some easy steps you can take to make your workplace a more positive space to be.

  • Use overtly positive language
  • Demonstrate gratitude and praise to others
  • Use ‘dream boards’ to envisage your goals

Improving the mental resilience of your team members has a huge impact on behaviour and performance. If you’d like to create a more positive work environment, and a more engaged and supported team, we can help. Get in touch to find out today!

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