Reflecting on my Apprenticeship

Reflecting on my Apprenticeship

8th February 2021

by Molly Thomas 299 days ago I did my final Level 3 exams. Who knew at the age of 18, with my family living over 1,000 miles away, training my replacement, starting a new role and...

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100-Day Plan

100-Day Plan

3rd February 2021

As we get towards the end of January, I sit here reflecting on the first month in my new role of MD here at PDW Group and I have got to say I am pleasantly surprised. After the...

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A lady writing

Maximising Remote Coaching

28th April 2020

Remote Coaching & How to Bring Out Your Best Thinking Have you ever had the experience of a remote coaching session? There have actually been few studies conducted around remote...

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Manager giving feedback

How To Give Effective Feedback

30th October 2019

"John, I have some feedback for you." "I want to have a conversation about your performance." You can imagine the sense of dread you would feel hearing this. You're immediately...

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What is Employee Management

What is Employee Engagement?

9th July 2019

Employee engagement is a term used in organisations as both a people measure and an ideal outcome. Employee engagement is a psychological state in both individuals and the...

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How To Manage A Difficult Team

Leading a Challenging Team

4th July 2019

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood” - Dr Stephen Covey Though there are problems in terms of sheer scale when leading a large team, sometimes leading a smaller one...

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Work Hard

Work Experience with PDW Group

2nd July 2019

At PDW Group, we love helping young people get a foot into the world of work; the skills and principles we teach are as relevant to them as it is to the delegates who come through...

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What Is HR Case Management Software And What Can It Do?

What is HR Management Software?

20th June 2019

HR software, sometimes referred to as Human Resources Information Software (or HRIS for short), is usually a web based application that allows users to access key information...

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What does the net promoter score mean?

What is NPS?

5th June 2019

NPS, or the ‘Net Promoter Score’ is a globally recognised metric that measures (most often) customer satisfaction or ‘advocacy’. NPS is an output measure used by thousands of...

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Manage Conflict Within A team by Winding Back The Tape

Rewind The Tape

29th March 2019

It’s Monday morning and the difficult conversation about your team’s performance that you should have had last week is still sitting on yours to-do list from Friday. Managing...

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Turning The Tables - PDW group

Turning The Tables

21st March 2019

By Molly Thomas Four years ago, in March 2015, I was in year 10, and was part of like all the students in my year the mock interviews that took place at our school Carlton Le...

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Freelance to Full Time - My Journey - PDW group

Freelance to Full Time - My Journey

14th February 2019

by Christine Hood I joined PDW Group in 2016 during the 10 years of my career I spent freelancing as an actor, facilitator, coach, assessor and everything in between. You could be...

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